following on from the last set of photos, it was wasnt long to wait before the snow returned to Mossley.

Rain on the 16th December turned to snow leaving a thin and very icy cover, then more snow fell on the night of the 17th. This is what it looked like in the early hours of 18 December on Manchester Road in Mossley with snow falling.

Later on the 18th December 2010 looking across the Tame Valley to Mossley at dusk. The snow wasnt that deep, only around 6cm but it was cold with temperatures below freezing all day.

The afternoon of 19 December with a full moon to the right of Wharmton and its TV mast in Saddleworth.

Sunset above the icy lanes of Grasscroft, Saddleworth on 19 December as temperatures fell after a daytime maximum of minus 2.5C

Looking the opposite way from the setting sun there was mist and low cloud, this is the bleak view across the frozen fields to Scouthead.

Later in the evening of 19th December 2010 this is Wharmton in the moonlight and beneath the stars, it was very cold!

The next day was even colder, this is Dovestone Reservoir near Greenfield in Saddleworth mid morning on the 20th December, the temperature at my house nearby was minus 7 through the morning.

Yeoman Hey reservoir frozen over on 20 December 2010.

It was very cold and with a snow cover in Manchester too, as seen here at Cathedral Gardens in the afternoon of 20 December.

The cold continued, by Christmas Day there was quite a bit of ice on the River Tame at Mossley.

Christmas Day sunset over Mossley.

Christmas night was foggy, and as it cleared it left a covering of frost on the trees. This is Boxing Day morning at Mossley with the temperature around minus 6.

For a couple of other recent photos then see these in the Saddleworth section

It turned milder at the end of 2010, with rain seeing off much of the snow.

But 2011 started with a new though short lived snow cover, this is Mossley railway station in the morning of the 4th Jan with snow falling. Sadly it had gone by evening

A final photo from this cold spell, taken on 8 January 2011 near Greenfield in Saddleworth.

The snow patches on the hill are remains of drifts from the snow which fell in late November and there's still ice in the Huddersfield Narrow Canal, the canal had also been all or partly frozen since November.