PUBS - SOUTH & WEST YORKSHIRE          * page last updated 04/2015


* REMEMBER - all comments below are based on my opinions and experiences when I lasted visited the pub - things may have changed/I may be wrong!

DUNFORD BRIDGE - stopped off here once while cycling
* STANHOPE ARMS - Last visit: 2003 - a large pub with a lounge and dining room plus a couple of smaller more basic rooms. I had a snack and a couple of pints of Black Sheep while chatting to fellow cyclists I met in there.

SHEFFIELD - I've visited the city on a few occasions, mostly spent in its very good pubs
* BATH HOTEL - Last visit: 2006 - an old traditional pub with an interesting interior, 2 rooms round a central bar serving several real ales including from local breweries such as Abbeydale   Photo
* DADA - Last visit: 2011 - an unusual place! An old darkly painted brick building with its name painted several times in large letters, inside is equally dark with several rooms with high ceilings, bare brickwork and various art on display. The small bar in the centre sells various Thornbridge ales and foreign beers.    photo   
* DEVONSHIRE CAT - Last visit: 2011 - large modern style bar at the bottom of an apartment building, one bright open room with big windows and wooden floor. There's a vast selection of real ales, many from small local breweries including a very nice house beer. Also a massive choice of bottled lagers if that's your thing, food not the cheapest but good.   Photo    website
* FAGANS - Last visit: 2010 - a down to earth but comfy pub on a busy main road, inside there's one small main room with dark wood paneling and lots of aircraft paintings. Beers were Tetley and Abbeydale photo
* FAT CAT - Last visit: 2014 - smallish brick pub in a run down but being renovated old industrial area. There's a little cosy public bar room, with seating round a small attractive wooden bar, local maps/pictures, mirrors and a painted cat decorate the walls. There's also a separate comfortable lounge with real fire. Many ales including from the Kelham Island Brewery which is next door, and other small breweries. Various cat related items on display, including on my first visit a fine real cat snoozing by the fire.    Photo     website
* FOX & DUCK [Broomhill] - Last visit: 2014 - a few miles uphill from the city centre in a student area, the pub is a freehouse with a nice friendly relaxed atmosphere. One open bright room, bare wood floors, some bare brick walls, comfy seating and duck related decorations ( didn't spot any foxes!). A small choice of ales including from Abbeydale, and you can bring in your own food (plates and cutlery are provided).    Photo     website
* FROG & PARROT - Last visit: 2006 - quite a large corner bar with high ceilings, flooring on different levels and hidden corners etc. Seems quite a trendy place in the university area with several real ale.
* HENRYS - Last visit: 2011 - large bar in a corner building with big windows. A high ceiling, vast TV screen (which was showing 'It's a Wonderful Life' on my visit - well it was nearly Xmas!), open plan but quite ornate and bright. The long bar has a good choice of ales including from various interesting breweries, and quite cheap for this sort of place.    Photo   
* HOP - Last visit: 2014 - a large bar behind a modern glass front. Inside is a very long high ceilinged area by the bar, the lengthy bar is lined with handpumps with many ales from Ossett brewery and various other small breweries from Yorkshire and elsewhere. There's more seating in a raised area by the windows, and room upstairs, all with lots of bar brickwork and steel girders .    Photo     website
* KELHAM ISLAND TAVERN - Last visit: 2014
-comfortable traditional pub with an L shaped main room, a mix of dark wood, red and yellow walls, fireplace, bare wood and tiled floor. There's also a dining room at the back and a nice sheltered yard outside. A large number of handpumps selling many interesting and local beers, also a small but good value lunch menu.  Photo  website
* OLD HOUSE - Last visit: 2014 - nice relaxed comfy bar, a double fronted building with sofas and seating in separate areas either side of the door, plus a larger area by the bar which is at the back. Bright white walls and bare brick, various music memorabilia, fireplace, newspapers to read and many good ales both local and others.    Photo     website
* RED DEER - Last visit: 2010 - pub with long narrow open out interior including a raised area at the back. A friendly chap serving and a good choice of ales from more common brews to interesting beers including from little Yorkshire breweries photo   website
* RED LION - Last visit: 2006 - not far from station, the main lounge looked recently refurbished and there were a few real ales.
* RUTLAND ARMS - Last visit: 2014 -an old hotel building on a street corner, inside is a one roomed traditional basic boozer with dark wood, fireplace and an interesting display of old beer cans! Several ales from the Blue Bee brewery plus other local beers, and good food. .   photo    website
* SHEFFIELD TAP - Last visit: 2014 - large real ale bar in the railway station buildings, one interesting high ceilinged room with tiled walls, big curved windows and many ales from the Thornbridge brewery and others. A corridor behind the bar leads to several other small cosy rooms.   Photo   website
* THREE CRANES - Last visit: 2010 - comfy city centre pub with rooms round a large central curved bar, a couple of ales including Taylors Landlord photo
* THREE TUNS - Last visit: 2010 - an interesting wedge shaped building, inside there's seating in the narrowing wedge end up some steps and an open L shaped room round the bar. A few ales including a local guest beer, friendly staff and a cat (which was also quite friendly)   photo

- also went on another pub crawl here in early 1990s which took in many city centre pubs but I cant remember them in any detail.

I've got off the train here once to cross the road to this excellent bar...
* CELLAR BAR - Last visit: 2009 - down a few steps beneath an impressive stone building opposite the station is a dimly lit bar with bare brickwork and wood, beams and a flagstone floor. There's an open area by the bar in the middle, at the far end is a pool table and jukebox and at the front is seating by a large mirror and a TV showing sports. There was also an old cat wandering about! A small choice of good ales from Copper Dragon, Elland and another small brewery I now forget.
 Photo   website .  But sadly in summer 2010 it closed then reopened under new ownership - no idea what it's like now

had a few pints here one afternoon
* BRIDGE - Last visit: 2012 - fairly standard town centre locals pub. Opened out interior, TV sport, think was a pool table, couple of common ales though it did have local guest beer advertised but sadly it wasn't on.

Last visit: 2012 - a very large pub/bar, one vast open room behind a cafe bar type front. Nowt much else to say, it did have ale though (cant remember what - nowt too exciting)
Last visit: 2012 - attractive exterior with old beams, inside is a traditional pub with a front room by the bar and more rooms round the back all with painted wood panels, flagstone floor, wood burning stove etc. Apparently the timbers used were from a shipwreck (unusual in a pub in landlocked West Yorkshire!). A good choice of ales from small local breweries, the pub is well decorated with pump clips. Photo
Last visit: 2012 - a Wetherspoons in an impressive stone building which was once a chapel. Inside is one large open room downstairs while upstairs is a circular balcony with pews and a large organ (of the musical variety). A good selection of ales including guests from small Yorkshire breweries. Photo

- someone I know once lived here, went to these a couple of times:
* QUEENS ARMS - Last visit: 2007 - big pub on main road with a couple of real ales and food. Very large open room inside, but broken up into different areas with sofas etc and an outside drinking area plus bowling green.   Photo
* REGENT - Last visit: 2007 - local pub on a side street off main road. 3 real ales incl Black Sheep & Cally IPA, a busy lively pub with a mixed crowd of people, jukebox, TVs and interesting layout - bigger than it looks with a couple of different rooms spread out either side of the bar.

DEWSBURY - on various occasions I've got off a train here to go to the bar on the station, and once had a stroll across town to...
* LEGGERS Last visit: 2009 - quite a way from the station but worth the walk. A converted building next to the canal marina with a large outside seating area next to the boats. The bar is upstairs and is a long room with bare brickwork and beams, lots of transport and pub memorabilia, a pool table and small TV at one end and the bar at the other which sells several real ales including on my visit from Yorkshires Leeds and Roosters breweries   photo
* WEST RIDING REFRESHMENT ROOMS Last visit: 2013 - real ale bar within the attractive stone station buildings, inside is the main narrow bar room plus a couple of separate seating areas at either end, one with a real fire and jukebox and all decorated with railway and brewery items on the walls. Ales from Timothy Taylors and guests including often local micro   website   

HALIFAX - had brief stops here while changing trains and ad quick pints in the following, all not far from the station.
* DIRTY DICKS - Last visit: 2014
a large mock tudor corner pub, inside is one large main room though divided into different areas, with bare wood floors, ceiling beams and a real fire. There's also another room at the back. A big choice of ales from small breweries, mostly local and at bargain prices. A proper ale house!   photo
* PUMP HOUSE - Last visit: 2008
double fronted pub with a room and bar to either side and a large range of real ale, many from Yorkshire and North East breweries on my visit. Seemed a nice down to earth place with friendly service. photo
* THREE PIGEONS - Last visit: 2011 - just beyond the Pump House is this Ossett pub which sells a number of their beers plus several others from micro breweries. An interesting, atractive and unspoilt interior with a small circular entrance hall which houses the bar, off which are 3 traditional rooms including real fires. photo

been in several pubs here over the years but may have got a couple of them mixed up so hope below is correct.
* BLACK BULL - Last visit: mid 90s - remember it being a rather average place beer, food and character wise.
* FLEECE - Last visit: 2005 - Timothy Taylors pub on the main street with range of their beers, quite large and opened out inside but also seperate rooms. Only been in for a quick pint.
* KINGS ARMS - Last visit: 2002 ? - pub I enjoyed the most in Haworth. At the top of the main street, a Jennings pub ? with good value food in a nice stone and nice basic down to earth feel.
* OLD WHITE LION - Last visit: mid 90s - think this was one I ate in once, also at the top of the main street. I ended up having to eat in a restaurant bit which doesn't suit me though sure the food was good. Not the most exciting beer. Sorry if this is wrong, it was many years ago.
* ROYAL OAK - Last visit: 2003 - opposite the KWVR station, only been in once and sat outside. Think it sold Black Sheep and is your typical basic pub.

HEADINGLEY - made a brief stop here one evening to visit the Arcadia. Also had the misfortune of being here on another occasion as detailed below!
Last visit: 2008 - a continental style cafe-bar [a Market Town Tavern bar] selling a choice of ales from Yorkshire micro breweries - Leeds, Outlaw, York & Acorn on my visit - plus various European beers. It's in a row of shops in an ugly 1960s arcade but inside is a small cosy modern room with the bar at the back and more seating upstairs. Friendly punters and staff and good service.  photo    Market Town website
* ORIGINAL OAK - Last visit: 2008 - while in Headingley I was persuaded to have a pint here. Completely different to Arcadia as it's a vast place and has no real ale. Downstairs is a large fairly traditional pub with a couple of opened out rooms, wood paneling, fireplace etc while upstairs a huge second bar in modern open room which lead to a vast beer garden. Seemed popular with the local students, fortunately it was August so there weren't too many around. That's more than can be said of my 2nd brief visit to Headingley when the area was overrun with young morons and I was led into the...
* SKYRACK - Last visit: 2009 - assume it was one a traditional pub or maybe even 2 seperate buildings but now its a large opened out real ale-less student pub. I'll say no more about it.

HEBDEN BRIDGE & NEARBY - I visit here a few times a year you know...
* ALBERT - Last visit: 2014 - a locals pub selling ales such as Hobgoblin and Theakstons, sport on TV. A large partly opened out interior with seperate pool room
* CROWN INN - Last visit: 2014 - impressive looking stone pub on a corner, inside less interesting with one open plan room. But some good ales including from Saltaire and Green Mill breweries. photo
* FOX & GOOSE - Last visit: 2014 - the exterior isnt too exciting but the interior is a fantastic cosy if a little careworn place! The small basic bar room has a real fire (usually with dogs lounging infront), ceiling beams covered in pump clips and a bar at the back with 5 ales from small breweries.. Also 2 other small rooms, to one side a lounge sometimes used for live music and the other was a games room (the games now seem to have gone). A proper down to earth pub with a lively friendly atmosphere. There's a small beer garden too on the hillside reached by climbing stairs inside the pub   photos  website
* HOLE IN T' WALL - Last visit: 2010 - quite a smart refurbished pub next to the bridge in the centre of the town, semi open plan rooms either side of the door. Local ales from Crag Vale brewery plus others. [though is now closed]    photo
* NEW DELIGHT INN at Jack Bridge, Colden - Last visit: 2009 - a couple of miles west of HB, this is an old stone building high up on the hills with 4 cosy little rooms, 2 either side of the bar including a real fire and 2 back rooms, one with pool table the other with a stove. 5 ales, 2 from the pubs own Bridestone Brewery and one from another small Yorks. brewery. Didnt try the food but it looked very good - well worth the walk up from the town.   photo   
* OLD GATE - Last visit: 2014 - a terrace of old buildings in the town centre, knocked through into one refurbished and smart modern bar with bare floors, a mix of seating, log burning stove and a fine choice of local/mirco brewery ales on the long bar.   photo 
* RAILWAY - Last visit: 2014 - traditional town centre locals pub with several small rooms including a games room, TV sports and a real fire in the lounge. 4 ales, on my few visits Castle Rock is always on and the others are a mix of commoan and more unsual beers.  photo
* STUBBING WHARF - Last visit: 2011 - large pub west of the town centre in an attractive location between the river and canal, there are benches right alongside the towpath out back. Inside is a big partly opened out traditional room but divided into 2 areas with lots of dark wood, beams and real fire and often busy with locals,
walkers and diners - there's also a seperate restaurant. Plenty of real ales including small Yorkshire brewers such as Ossett/Salamander etc.   photo   website
TRADES CLUB Last visit: 2014 - upstairs in this side street building is a rather careworn lounge and large function room which has gigs or shows sport on a big TV. It sells a few real ales, generally local micro brewery beers. The bar does seem open to anyone, though ales are cheaper for club members (I'm not but I know someone who is!)  photo 
* WHITE LION (Hebden Bridge) - Last visit: 2011 - a vast rambling old stone pub in the town centre with various areas to sit, some for dining. Plenty of handpumps but just oen ale on when I visited, which was Bombadier    photo 
* WHITE LION at Heptonstall - Last visit: 2011 - worth the steep climb up from Hebden, a very old stone pub with a small cosy bar area, basic games room and a lounge all with beams, old stonework, fireplace etc. A choice of beers, when I called in several were from the Springhead brewery.   photo  website
- I've also been in the SPORT & SOCIAL CLUB (last visit 2014) which doesn't count for the purposes of this website as you need to be signed in by a member. It has 3 or 4 real ales though from small breweries.

HOLME - stopped off here on occasions when cycling
Last visit: 2007 - stone pub in little hamlet at bottom of the steep Holme Moss road over the Pennines. Quite a large opened out interior though still cosy with lots stone, real fires and seperate seating areas, has Burtonwood beer and a guest ale. Mixed crowd of walkers and people out for lunch.  Photo

HOLMFIRTH - I've visited here a plenty of times for a look round and a few pints, or to go to gigs at the Picturedrome
last visit 2015 - large stone building in the village centre, inside is one room refurbished in a smart cafe bar style with sofas, bare stone, raised seating and dining areas at each end. A very good choice of ales, several from local micros eg Mallinson and Empire plus a house ale and unusually a house mild. photo
[now renamed NOOK TAP HOUSE] - Last visit: 2013 - relaxed little cafe bar (also a separate restaurant area) in the centre of the village with one narrow room and tables on the pavement outside. It used to sell a number of different ales, these days the beer is still very good but now comes from the Nook brewery next door (this place is also owned by the Nook and has now been renamed to reflect this)   photo   website
Last visit: 2009 - south east of the village down a narrow lane off the A635, a stone pub with the bar at the back and several seating areas, has beams, bare stone walls etc. Also a games area and seating outside. Several ales, Landlord, Adnams, Copper Dragon and similar on my visit photo
- last visit 2015 - a bright bar in an old shop I assume. Red and green walls, plus murals, seating by the bar and in a raised area to the side with sofas. A cool and laid back place, usually playing good music. A couple of handpumps with ales from small local breweries, plus a real cider and various fancy keg (craft) beers. photo
Last visit: 2013 - modern style bar but cosy with seating on a couple of levels and also a large patio area outside. Beers are from Copper Dragon and Taylors  photo    website
* THE NOOK (Rose & Crown) -
Last visit: 2015 - hidden away behind Victoria Square. A fine down to earth and lively drinking pub. Several small rooms in a rambling interior with bare wood and flagstone floors, pool table and a basic bar room with a real fire. 8 ? handpumps, these days most if not all ales are from its own Nook brewery, other small Yorkshire breweries used to appear. There's also simple good value food and a jukebox (or sometimes live music) and a yard out back alongside a stream. An excellent place!   photos   website
Last visit: 2013 - large hotel, seems to be an old building but modernised and extended outside. The pub/bar area has a couple of large, comfy traditional rooms with beams and mostly set out for dining though there's a decent choice of ale including 2 or 3 guests from little breweries.  photo     website
Last visit: 2013 - in the Picturedrome venue, but anyone can enter the bar without a ticket to a gig so it's allowed on my site and it sells several ales. These used to be include ale from the Nook brewery, on my last visits only Taylors ales have been on.
* SHOULDER OF MUTTON - Last visit: 2008 - quite a large interior with a couple of slightly opened out rooms plus a back yard with benches. Black Sheep and Abbot Ale when I visited..

HORSFORTH - know someone who used to live here and when visiting called into these pubs/bars
Last visit: 2010 - quite a large locals pub on a corner, open plan inside round a curved bar and a decent beer garden. A few ales including a couple from the Leeds brewery.
Last visit: 2007 - large pub, inside has been gutted to give one large room which was busy on my one Sat night visit with assorted local youths and sport on large screen TVs. Not my sort of pub apart from it had several handpumps including a guest ale from a small Scottish brewery, which was a bonus.
Last visit: 2007 - old whitewashed pub, inside the one main room are a low ceiling, beams etc. Quite cosy and a few beers incl Taylors Landlord
Last visit: 2008 - a modern cafe bar which appears small but infact stretches back for miles with various rooms and corners
, comfy sofas etc but sadly no real ale.
* TOWN STREET TAVERN - Last visit: 2008 - another modern cafe bar style place but this one has an excellent choice of real ale from various small Yorkshire breweries and also continental lagers. Busy but relaxing atmosphere, the room is divided up into a few separate areas with lots of pump clips and other items on the walls, there's also an upstairs restaurant and a small yard outside.   photo   website

HUDDERSFIELD and area   I visit quite often and have done for years, though these days I usually stick to a few favourite pubs.
* ALBERT HOTEL - Last visit: 2007 - hidden away near the shopping centre and town hall, an impressive interior with one narrow room on different levels featuring a superb curved bar with glasswork and mirrors, plus seperate dining room at the back. Several handpumps but the beer choice has varied on my visits, at times there's been a selection from small brewers while other times it's just been more common ales.   Photos
- Last visit: mid 2011 - Lindley, a quite big busy locals pub in an old stone building, used to call in here in the early 1990s when visiting a friend. More recently revisited for a birthday do, was still busy, Sky sports etc, only ale on was Adnams.
* CHERRY TREE - Last visit: 2010 - large, typical modern town centre Wetherspoons bar in an old furniture showroom with one big open room and a smaller area downstairs, not attractive and attracts the sort of punters you'd expect in a town centre W'spoons and at weekends it can be packed. So not a place I usually go but when I have there's always been good choice of ales including from small Yorkshire brewers.
* COMMERCIAL - Last visit: 2012 - corner stone pub in the town centre, a few different rooms including an ornate glass cabinet full of old bottles. A Sam Smiths pub so their very cheap ale on handpump and it was a good pint. An interesting mix of punters, one end seemed to attract a West Indian crowd while another room was all pensioners!
* OLD COURT HOUSE - Last visit: mid 90s - a big place in the old court building in town centre with an upstairs bar. Used to sell a few good beers including its own brews and always busy, but not been in for years and believe it has much changed
* DUSTY MILLER - Last visit: 2014 - Longwood Edge. Pub I've visited occasionally over the years when seeing a friend who lives nearby. The choice of ales has varied over the years, sometimes 'just' the likes of Black Sheep/Landlord etc, other times good guest ales from small local breweries, as there was on my most recent visit. It's always a nice pub to visit, being an old stone building with beams on the ceiling, a couple of comfortable rooms by the bar and also separate rooms with fireplace, pool table and darts plus fine view from the front over the valley below.  Photo
* GLOBE - Last visit: mid 90s - Lindley. Not been in for years, a local pub with pool table and juke box and sold Stones bitter.
* GROVE - Last visit: 2015 - across the ring road from the bus station, refurbished in 2006 to an excellent well run real ale pub, a relaxing atmosphere and a vast choice of beer. A tap room to one side of the bar and a lounge to the other, both with bare tile floors. Many interesting and changing ales for sale (15 ? handpumps with a blackboard listing all the beers on offer), also lots of craft ket and continental lagers if that's your thing   photo  website    
* HART - Last visit: 2005 - large but unremarkable town centre pub only been in once in recent times. Tetleys and something else beer wise, TV football. Update - looked in once more recently, it has been modernised and sells no ale.
- Last visit: 2015 -
- within the grand railway station buildings. Sells a number of real ales including several changing guest ales from small breweries, also good value home made food. The two back rooms are a used as a dining area while at the front are another two rooms, one with sofas and the other more traditional and publike but both with lots of railway memorabilia and old adverts etc. On my most recent visit spring 2015 it was about to undergo refurbishment, with some rooms closed and the walls looking bare - I'll report on what it's like when I visit again. Photo
* HERBERT'S BAR - Last visit: 2014 - quite a smart bar in an impressive looking old stone building with big windows. One open room with bare brick and wood walls and bare floors, also a TV screen showing sport. A small selection of real ales, some from the Huddersfield area. photo   website
- Last visit: mid 90s - a downstairs bar in the town centre.
* JUNCTION - Last visit: 2008 - Marsh large pub on a roundabout on the main A640. One bit open room around the curved bar, but divided up into different sections including a pool table and an area with comfy seats!. Also a jukebox, and 4 real ales including Landlord and a couple of guest beers.
* ?? LLOYDS BAR - Last visit: 2005 - don't know if it had another name. A large open plan Lloyds bar, coupe of real ales but nowt interesting, loud, young people, no character, not my sort of place!
* NEW INN - Last visit: mid 90s - another town centre pub can't remember anything about.
* NORTHERN TAPS - Last visit: 2014 - a bright, smart modern style café bar, lots of light wood, big windows etc, and seating on the pavement outside. It looks like there’s no ale but don’t worry, there is! Four ales are on sale at the back of the bar, a couple were from local breweries such as Elland. photo    website
* OLDE HATTE - Last visit: 2014 - a quite distinctive looking stone pub near the bus station. Inside is basic but traditional with a bare floored front bar room with a large mirror along one wall, another bare room to the other side of the door (where a DJ was playing soul music on my visit) and then a couple of back rooms, one being a cosy lounge. A down to earth place, some friendly punters, sport on TV. Just one handpump with a beer from Copper Dragon. photo
* PEN AND COB - Last visit: mid 90s - as above, though do recall it had a wall of video screens and me and my mate once got thrown out of here for laughing.
* RAT & RATCHET - Last visit: 2014 - superb real ale pub just over the ring road in the town centre with a vast number of handpumps. Besides a wide choice of Ossett ales and other interesting beers, it now also brews and sells its own Rat ales too. A cosy and relaxing place, partly open plan but divided into a number of areas on different levels, lots of bare brick and wood and some very comfy arm chairs. One of these raised areas has been smarted up a bit recently into a more modern style. Jukebox, darts, various rock music posters on the wall and I once encountered a friendly black cat in here, what more could you want?   photo
* ROSE & CROWN - Last visit: 2008 Golcar. a white ivy covered pub, though not as quaint inside as it looks with a big open room, though divided up into various areas and comfy enough, there's also a large pool room. It is home of the Golcar brewery, 4 handpumps selling their own ales plus guests (though on my last visit there was only one Golcar beer on). It seems a busy locals pub and has large screen TV sports   photo
* RHUBARB - Last visit: 2014 – a large stone building, inside is one big L shaped room with a high ceiling and seating on an upstairs balcony. But downstairs in the main bar are a mix of seating areas including comfy chairs and sofas, film and music memorabilia on the walls and TV screens showing sport. A large choice of interesting ales, many handpumps most with small brewery ales including local ones such as Slightly Foxed.  photo
* SLIP INN - Last visit: 2006 - Longwood - visited briefly, seemed a busy friendly locals place with sport on TV and a couple of ales
* SPORTSMAN - Last visit: 2015 - refurbished in 2009, a corner pub not far from the station with a large main room and couple of small cosy side rooms. Quite traditional but also smart with a mix of old and modern features. A curved bar with changing ales mostly from its own and other small local breweries.  photo   website
* SPOTTED COW - Last visit: 2004 - on A640 Lindley, a big pub with games room but has no real beer and on my one visit their was karaoke in progress, both of which meant I didn't enjoy it and I left as soon as I could!
* STAR INN - Last visit: 2014 - Lockwood. a short walk from town centre. A welcoming and comfortable locals pub with one large room but split into seperate areas either side of a fireplace with real fire, the large central bar has many ales from interesting and local breweries and the ceiling and bar is decorated with a huge number of pump clips .  photo    website
* STATION TAVERN [now named THE KINGS HEAD]- Last visit: 2015 - in the railway station [is Huddersfield unique in having 2 real ale pubs on the platform ?]. A large very interesting selection of regularly changing beers, always plenty from Yorkshire. But it is rather basic [even by my low standards!] with a big open, careworn sparcely furnished room, though there is now a log burning stove to liven things up. There's a stage for live music events, also has a small snug and a seperate room. On my most recent visit renovation work had started, hopefully the surroundings will match the excellent ale  Photos
* V... ?? - Last visit: 2007 - modern bar next to the Warehouse, cant remember its name - no real ale.
* VOX - Last visit: 2009 - a cafe bar with two floors - one in the basement, a laid back atmosphere with comfy sofas, decent music but sadly no real ale. It does have several proper continental lagers though and a big choice of bottled beers.
* VULCAN - Last visit: 2015 - a basic one room locals pub on the edge of the town centre, with pool table, raised seating area in the window, jukebox and TVs showing sport. A good choice of ales with 4 handpumps, some if not all from small and often local breweries and very good value food.   photo
* WAPPY SPRINGS - Last visit: 2000 ? - near the M62, used to go in now and again for a meal but it has become a rather posh food place these days.
* WAREHOUSE - Last visit: 2007 - very large open modern bar, only been in once to watch football, had handpumps but no ale on.
* WELLINGTON - Last visit: 2012 - one large long room with lots of TV screens showing sport. John Smiths on handpump but I didnt risk it, the punters didnt look like the sort who drank proper beer so I doubted it would be of good quality! Best summed up by the words of the friend who dragged me in there (to watch rugby on TV) - 'sorry about this, it is full of d*ckheads...'.
- Last visit: 2007 - refurbished pub with one very large open room and a long bar, has a couple of real ales (one guest), though I have been in when they've run out of all proper beer. Pool table, sky TV, cheap food -and a mostly but not entirely young / student type crowd.

I've also been in several others in the town centre during the early-mid 90s which I can't remember, another pub where I had a meal somewhere near Outlane and on one occasion ended up in one of those big children's places with a bear wandering about up near the motorway (not my choice, was with friends with children)

ILKLEY - came here for a stroll on the famous moor and a pint in these pubs
* BAR T'AT -
Last visit: 2008
another excellent Market Town Tavern bar so it has their usual cafe bar style & range of Yorkshire ales [Leeds, Outlaw, GooseEye & others], continental lagers and food. A wooden floored bar area up a couple of steps with stools plus a few tables at one end and also a separate room alongside, light and modern with large windows and lots of brewery memorabilia and pictures on the walls. A patio area outside too.  photo    website
* RIVESIDE HOTEL - Last visit: 2008 - as its name suggests, this is a hotel by the side of the River Wharfe. A large stone building next to the park, the public bar is round the back near the river with a patio area. Inside the bar is quite modern with sofas and a big screen TV, but also a real fire and ales included Copper Dragon, Sam Smiths & Tetley. There's an attached chip shop, child's go kart track and I was joined by an old black cat which sat on my knee!
* THE YARD - Last visit: 2008 hidden away off the road [in a yard, funnily enough] this is a traditional old stone building but inside it's a smart modern bar with leather sofas, bare stone walls and floors etc and a decked patio out the back. Real ales were from Naylors including its own house brew, quite expensive but nice!  photo

KEIGHLEY - been in a couple of pubs here some time ago but can't remember them

KIRKSTALL (Leeds) - passed though here on one of my Leeds visits
* OLD BRIDGE INN Last visit: 2009 - next to the River Aire with a nice riverside beer garden reached down some very steep steps inside the pub which also lead to a downstairs pool room. As for the main bar, well its a basic one roomed pub with two handpumps, neither of which appeared to have any ale on but upon aksing the rather unfriendly bloke serving he produced a pint of Landlord from one of them, it was just about drinkable
!     photo
* WEST END HOTEL Last visit: 2009 - stone pub with an opened out interior,
Sky TV, jukebox etc, nothing too noteworthy but comfy and pleasant enough! 4 real ales including a couple of guest beers.

LEEDS - I've had a few pub crawls round Leeds over the years and the odd visit for other reasons (which usually involves having a pint too)
* ANGEL Last visit: 2015 - tall narrow Sam Smiths pub off the main shopping street with several floors, including a small basic bar downstairs, another bar upstairs and various rooms with comfy sofas, hidden corners and also seating in the alleyway outside.  photo
* ADELPHI Last visit: 2010 - large multi roomed Victorian pub with an interesting interior, high ceilings, lots of wood, ornate windows and fireplaces etc. Includes a more basic bar room and couple of larger rooms with sofas etc, 3 ? ales including on my last visit a couple from Leeds Brewery, though very expensive. It didnt seem right these locally brewed ales cost here than the lagers   photo    website
* BREWERY TAP Last visit: 2013 - a cafe bar near the station, modern stylish and smart (unlike myself) but as it is owned by Leeds Brewery it has the range of their ales and also others  photo  website
* CROWD OF FAVOURS Last visit: 2015 - a newly converted bar spread over a couple of former shop buildings so it's split into different areas, with fireplaces, various seating styles and has a large collection of old board games to play. there's also a downstairs, I didn't go there but seems to be a venue for events. A comfortable laid back place, selling a good choice of interesting ales. photo  website
* CROSS KEYS - Holbeck - Last visit: 2012 - traditional looking pub outside, inside has been refurbished with a mix of old and modern. There's beams, wood burning stove, bare floors, spiral staircase leading to an upstairs room. Downstairs are two rooms, one small and cosy the other with the bar is longer and leads to a large courtyard out back. Ales from micro breweries including Kirkstall and Magic Rock on my visit.   photo
* CUTHBERT BRODRICK - Last visit: 2008 - large modern Wetherspoons pub with outdoor seating area overlooking Millennium Square and a couple of good guests among the ale choice on my visit.
Last visit: 2015 - a choice of ales including many from Yorkshire in a basic 2 room pub. Not what you'd call a cosy place with a few tables round a large rather empty main room with bare floors though has a jukebox and real fire, the smaller back room has TV showing sports. A no nonsense drinking pub really, though I did encounter some nonsense in here once in the form of a violent irrational nutter.  Photo
* ELDON - Last visit: 2008 - quite large corner pub near the University so a student type crowd, was busy on my visit with people watching football on the large screen TVs so I couldnt really explore the place but seems a semi open plan wooden interior and it had a few real ales including guests.
* FAB CAFE - Last visit: 2008 - cult TV programme themed bar, with replica darleks and such like. More of a club then a pub, need to pay to get in at times with dance floor and decent music. No real ale on my visits though there's a handpump on the bar.
* FRIEND OF HAM - Last visit: 2013 - small bar near the station, but with a larger downstairs room too. Comfy laid back sort of place with sofas, modern decor etc. Specialsied in pig based food as the name suggests, but 3 ales from micro breweries and various fancy beers [I've walked past move recently and noticed it has now been extended into the building next door - so the small bar is not so small!]     photos    website
* GEORGE - Last visit: 2010 - decent traditional pub near the Infirmary, Copper Dragon and a couple of Leeds brewery ales.
- Holbeck - Last visit: 2012 - a fine tradtional pub surrounded by modern office developments, a superb interior with several little rooms off a corridor and bar which has plenty of handpumps and a choice of ales from small brewers with plenty of Yorkshire ones on sale. The basic front room has bare floors and dart board, there's fireplaces, stained glass windows with canal themes and a larger room at the back where live music events take place.   photo
* HOAGYS - Last visit: 2006 - large open plan city centre pub, nothing special and only called in to watch the football, did have a decent pint of London Pride though and simple cheap food.
* HOGSHEAD ? - Last visit: 2012 - when I first visited some years ago it was a trendy bar with 2 floors, only real ale was a pricey pint of Black Sheep. Large screen TVs showing sport and music. More recently I visited and it's been refurbished into a more traditional pub, renamed the
HOURGLASS and with several ales including from a small guest brewey (I forget which)
* HOP Last visit: 2012 - a bar in the railway arches at Granary Wharf. An interesting place, 2 floors with bare brick arched ceilings and big windows looking out at the canal. A modern but laid back type of place with a mix of open spaces and small booths to sit live music events advertised. Owned by the Ossett brewery so has several of their ales and many other guest beers from small breweries  photos    website
* MIDNIGHT BELL - Holbeck Last visit: 2010 - another Leeds Brewery cafe bar style place, it's in a refurbished old brick building. There's a mix of seating areas and bars on 2 floors, sells various Leeds brewery ales plus others. photo   website
* MR FOLEYS - Last visit: 2012 - a York Brewery pub in an interesting old building. Quite a smart modern open layout with areas on various levels, the main bar is overlooked by more seating upstairs and also on a balcony and there's another large room at the back, all with plenty of comfy armchairs and sofas. A big choice of real ale, plenty from York Brewery of course but also other interesting guests.   photo    website
* NORTH BAR Last visit: 2006 - a continental style bar with one narrow room, interesting real ales and big choice of lagers from round the world.
* PALACE Last visit: 2012 - large whitewashed building with a very long bar selling plenty of real ales including some from interesting local brewers eg Leeds, Outlaw etc. Also food until late evening. A long narrow area by the bar with a couple of seperate 'rooms' at either end, one down a few steps with a mix of bare brick and wood panelling. Plenty of benches out at the front and also in a large back yard    photo
* PIN - Last visit: 2010 - a small one roomed modern bar, bright with big windows and seating ranging from sofas to plastic chairs. 2 ales from Leeds brewery.
* PRINCE OF WALES - Last visit: 2008 - this was a rather basic/scruffy little pub near the station with a few different ales. It's since been refurbished and is much smarter though still seems a down to earth place with a few good and local ales.
* RELIANCE Last visit: 2009 - a cafe bar in what I assume was an old shop with big windows, there's a bar room and seperate room to the side both with various types of seating, bare floors and brickwork. Quite modern but relaxing style and a couple of changing real ale plus lots of proper lagers.
* SCARBOROUGH HOTEL - Last visit: 2010 - big pub just outside the station witha partly tiled exterior and an open plan but interesting and comfortable interior. Plenty of real ales which at times have included several from small Yorkshire brewers though most recently the choice was still good but less varied. A busy mixed crowd, serves food till late. Photo
* SOUL CIRCUS - Last visit: 2007 - more of a small nightclub type place, though it was free to get in so I'll list it here. No proper beer though but decent music
- Last visit: 2012 - a vast sports themed pub over two floors, loads of TVs etc. But was suprised to find some real ales incl from Leeds Brewery.
* TAPPED - Last visit: 2015 - a large one roomed bar in a modern-ish building near the station. Lots of long rows of tables, with a very long bar down one side and a load of brewing equipment down the other. It has a huge selection of beer from cask ales to craft beers, both its own brews and various micro breweries. website
* TEMPLAR - Last visit: 2006 - interesting Tetleys pub, but selling several other beers from smaller breweries. Narrow front but inside one long comfortable room, with a hidden lounge area at the back. Seemed popular with an older clientele and a very local feel despite being in the city. Footy shown on TV and think it has a jukebox.
* TOWN HALL TAVERN Last visit: 2006 - refurbished in a modern wooden style, range of Taylors beers sold but was very quiet when i went in on a Sat afternoon, imagine it's mainly a weekday lunchtime haunt for nearby workers
* WHITE SWAN - Last visit: 2012 - newly refurbished pub/bar in a bright smart style, one large open room. It's another Leeds brewery place so has the range of theirs beers and other guests . photo
* WHITELOCKS - Last visit: 2012 - hidden down an alleyway off the Briggate shopping street, a long, low ceilinged narrow and very old pub with an interesting attractive interior and a fine range of ales both common and small local guests. There's benches to sit in the alleyway outside. photo
* WRENS - Last visit: 2006 - small corner pub selling beer such as Black Sheep, landlord etc. 3 seperate rooms on different levels including a comfortable lounge and small tap room round a little central bar.  photo
* VICTORIA FAMILY & COMMERCIAL HOTEL - Last visit: 2012 - a fantastic ornate interior especially in the long main room which has the bar down one side and is lined with cosy booths to sit in, all with lots of dark wood and glass. There's also a seperate room behind the bar and a seating area at the front including a TV screen. Beers are Tetleys, Landlord and a selection of changing guest ales usually including local breweries. photo
* WARDROBE - Last visit: 2012 - a bar with one large bright open room, some very colourful seating and a couple of ales including one from Osset    photo

I've also been in a few other places the names of which I cant remember including a smart real ale-less bar near the river (RECLAIM ?), the free to enter bar of the Cockpit night club - also real ale-less, and in 2005, in the early hours of the morning we had a couple of pints in a gay pub as it was still serving and free to go in. Back in the early 1990s I know I've had a few pints in Leeds too but no idea where.

LINTHWAITE - I've made a few visits to this excellent pub
* SAIR INN - Last visit: 2013 - tap of the Linfit brewery, the bar is lined with many handpumps selling a big choice their ales. An old stone pub up a steep road off the main A62 with views from the front over the valley and a few benches outside. Inside is a classic cosy traditional pub, rather gloomily lit with several small rooms, flagstone floors, dark wood, real fires and sometimes lots of dogs wandering around - it could be described as a bit basic and ramshackle but nowt wrong with that!  Photos

MARSDEN - just over the other side of the Pennines from my home, I enjoy visiting for a pint or two when walking or cycling.
* GREAT WESTERN on the A62 over Standedge
- Last visit: 2008 - a few miles out of Marsden but just within the West Yorks border on Standedge. A stone roadside dining type pub. Inside is quite dark and cosy with a couple of rooms, a wood buring stove and a large buffalo head on the wall! Also has a newer dining room and seats outside overlooking the a reservoir but also the busy A62 road. Only stopped off here once, Black Sheep and 2 guest ales incl one from Ossett, though on my visit it wasnt in the best condition. photo
- Last visit: 2010 - next to the station, a large opened out interior in a typical refurbished pub style with wood, sofas and armchairs etc and TV screens showing sport. It has had a few spells closed or to let but is now a Marstons pub with a few of their/Jennings ales and sometimes other guests, as well as decent value food.  photo
Last visit: 2015 - owned by the Ossett brewery (but also home of the Riverhead Brewery), it has 10 handpumps selling a mix of Ossett and Riverhead brews and guests. The pub is in the centre of the village next to the river where there are outside benches overlooking the weir. A few years ago it was refurbished, inside is a bare wooden floored single room but split up with seating on different levels and with a view down to the brewery. There's also an upstairs restaurant.  A relaxed down to earth atmosphere though often very busy with a mixed crowd of locals and visitors. photos   riverhead website  ossett website
* SWAN -
Last visit: 2006 - a small comfortable Thwaites pub selling several of their beers, also a seperate dining room.   photo
Last visit: 2010 - comfortable and very friendly old stone pub. Fairly small inside with a large real fire, also a dining room at the back and does good home made food. 4 ales including Black Sheep, Landlord and a couple of interesting guests - the guest beers are cheaper than the regulars so no excuse not to have one or two. In a pleasant setting down a lane just outside the village near the canal basin and Standedge tunnel. photo   NOTE: when last in Marsden (July 2011) the pub was closed until further notice, see their  website - a shame and hopefully only temporary

MIRFIELD - stopped off once for a pint.
* NAVIGATION TAVERN - Last visit: 2009 - a whitewashed traditional locals pub near the station with the bar room and second room with pool table and TV showing sports. Quite a number of handpumps, on my visit they were all selling various beers from Theakstons

RIPPONDEN - have stopepd off here for a meal once or twice some time ago
* TURNPIKE - Last visit: 2001 ? - a big stone pub opposite the reservoir on the moors, good food, real ale but can't remember what it was.  

SALTAIRE - I've made a brief visit here for a look round and called in at this fine pub...
- Last visit: 2008 - Outside it has a shop style front, inside is a proper ale house with wooden floors and bare walls covered in old photos & brewery memorabilia.  The little bar has plenty of handpumps selling several beers from Taylors and others including a selection of Yorkshire brewers. A few seats by the bar at the front, a room to the side, a dark cosy little area behind the bar with a real fire and a larger room beyond through an archway up a few steps  photo

SLAITHWAITE - I stop off here on occasions when passing through or meeting friends, especially as it now has some very good ale pubs
- Last visit: 2014 - large stone corner pub, refurbished and reopened as a real ale pub in 2009 run by the same people as the Swan (below). There's a big choice of ales (8 +) from smaller breweries, many from Yorkshire including house beer from the local Empire brewery. Inside there's several areas either side of the door all with tiled floors, high ceilings, a bright appearance and some comfy chairs and sofas. Also a more basic room at the back with TV sport. photo   website
* ROSE & CROWN at Cop Hill
- Last visit: 2007 - a big stone pub on a hillside between Slawit & Marsden with benches outside to enjoy the fine views down the Colne Valley to Huddersfield. Is more a dining pub with a bar room and separate restaurant but one my one visit when I stopped off while cycling I had a good pint of Copper Dragon from the small choice of ales.   photo
* SHOULDER OF MUTTON - Last visit: 2010 - average locals pub, a few partly opened out rooms, pool table and TV sport. One proper beer from Black Sheep. My one (and hopefully only) visit was on a Fri night when there was a DJ in action, it was busy and noisy and not my sort of scene!
* SWAN - Last visit: 2010 - locals pub with a lounge and smaller public bar/games room, sport on TV and regular live music. 4 handpumps on the main bar which on my few visits have included something from the nearby Empire brewery and another interesting guest or two. I've also visited during one of their beer festivals when there was a great range of ales on offer from many more handpumps on the back bar. photo
* WHARFSIDE INN - Last visit: 2014 - impressive wedge shaped building owned by Copper Dragon so a few of their ales plus sometimes a guest beer. Inside is one partly opened out room with the bar and basic seating area in the narrow end of the wedge and the wider area up a couple of steps with tables for dining and a pool table beneath a huge wall clock. Friendly service and a small good value food menu   photo

SOWERBY BRIDGE - visited here briefly once on a pub crawl, and once for a longer look round and a few more pints
* FIREHOUSE - Last visit: 2011 - a smart cafe bar in an old stone corner building, apparently there's a restaurant upstairs too but I didnt go there! Instead I had a pint from the 4 ales on offer, 2 from Timothy Taylors and 2 guests from small breweries   photo  
* JUBILEE REFRESHMENT ROOMS - Last visit: 2009 - a recent conversion of the former station waiting rooms, inside is bright and clean though it is set out a bit like a canteen, it's a long narrow room with a high ceiling and lined with tables and chairs though a wood burning stove and interesting clock give it a bit of character. The place is run by a couple of real ale (and train) enthusiasts so the only beers sold are from micro breweries and those I tried were very good indeed!   photo  website
* PUZZLE HALL - Last visit: 2011 - an interesting and very old stone building near the canal and with a yard backing onto the river. A couple of small basic rooms including a wood burning stove (and there may be other rooms I didnt see!), seems to be a big live music venue. Plenty of ales from good Yorkshire and other micro breweries including Saltaire and Goose Eye, an interesting little place!   photo  website
* THE NAVIGATION - Last visit: 2011 - a stone pub near the marina, opened out inside and I sat outside anyway in the nice beer garden. Beers from Taylors and Black Sheep.    photo  
* SHEPHERDS REST - Last visit: 2011 - a large stone locals pub, looks quite plain outside but inside is more interesting with a wedge shaped front area, a large bar room and more areas through a brick arch. Various memorabilia on the walls plus a large yard out back. An Osset brewery pub with plenty of their ales plus several other guests    photo  
* THE WORKS - Last visit: 2011 - an interesting pub conversion in a former joiners workshop. A very large bright open room with a high ceiling, big fireplace, bare brick and stone walls and wooden floors. 8 or 9 handpumps, several from Taylors, its own house beer and other good guest ales   photo  website

TODMORDEN only been here briefly, where I called in for a quick pint at:
* BLACK SWAN - Last visit: 2007 - one open plan room with a stage and dancefloor at one end, must be the scene of some Tod revelry at times but when I visited was very quiet and sparce feeling with just me and an old bloke at the bar. But it has some handpumps, only one was 'on' but had a decent pint of Copper Dragon.
* GOLDEN LION - Last visit: 2007 - large pub obviously recently refurbished and emphasis on food but also had pool table and some corners to sit in for a pint from a good choice of ales incl Copper Dragon, Everards and others. No chance of a quiet pint though due to some very loud crap chart pop music being played

WAKEFIELD have visited once for a wander round a few pubs and have also stopped off briefly while changing trains
* FERNANDES BREWERY TAP - Last visit: 2008 - a famous ale house and home of Fernandes brewery but now owned by Ossett so sells plenty of ales from both plus other guests. The real ale bar is upstairs, one comfortable open room with bare floorboards and brickwork, a high ceiling and decorated with old pub signs, photographs etc. Downstairs is the Bier Keller selling continental beers but I didnt venture in there.   photo
* ELEPHANT & CASTLE - Last visit: 2008 - large pub near Westgate station, an impressive tiled exterior and inside is an attractive pub with semi open plan rooms, comfy seating and a games room plus large TV screen at the back. Ales were just John Smiths and Black Sheep.
* HARRY'S BAR - Last visit: 2008 - on a side street off Westgate so hard to find (well it was for me - and also only open from 5pm). One smallish and dark cosy room with lots of bare wood and a good choice of ales from Ossett and other Yorkshire breweries. photo
* HENRY BOONS - Last visit: 2010 - a large bare floored pub with one L shaped room but well divided up including raised seating areas and a central fireplace. Lots of space by the interesting thatched bar, with seating round the sides, tables made from barrels and a large screen TV at the back. Home of the Clarks brewery so sells a choice of their ales. photo

* BORDER ROSE INN - Last visit: 2007 - been in once for a pint when passing by, just John Smiths bitter, a pleasent enough but unremarkable pub.